Are you a Manufacturer, Craftsman or Business owner? is your new opportunity to expand your market and introduce your company selling your products not only locally but throughout Italy and Europe.

By using the portal you may gain online space and visibility within the network at low costs.

Our team will support you in the creation of the contents related to your products in order for those to be visible thanks to the support of our marketing network and our online services. not only supports you during the sale of your products by managing the administration phase, but also deals with shipping and delivering of your products throughout Italy and Europe.

One of the strengths of the portal is the guarantee of having a network like Mail Boxes Etc. by your side!

The MBE network in Italy is composed by approximately 520 Service Centers, one of our strengths consists on giving the customers the possibility to pickup their purchases at the nearest MBE Center.

Do you want to be a part of this great project as well?

Request more information at the nearest MBE Center or send an email to